“The best laughs belong to Ableson as the stupendously pompous Matamore, who talks tough but faints at the drop of a fancy feathered chapeau.”

“Fantastic fun…especially Andrew Ableson as the funny and always fashionable Matamore”

“Fantasy, intrigue, mystery, and an over-the-top crowd favorite Matamore (Andrew Ableson) the flamboyant suitor who faints at the slightest threat of a fight.

“An exemplary show, watch Andrew Ableson’s body language as the fretful Matamore — his face is a work of frozen misapprehension no matter how physical character becomes.”

“Bracingly outlandish, an exciting ride. Matamore has a good number of hysterical moments, owing to actor Andrew Ableson. His dopey and self-indulgent attitude allows the aristocrat to be charismatically silly.”


“Ableson sings, and Macheath’s arresting authority and dark notes emerge full force. Ableson layers his performance deeply later in the script…This cast, and the superlative orchestra, clearly have the musical chops to deliver”

“In ANW’s “Threepenny” Ableson displays Macheath’s narcissist nature and sociopath tendencies convincingly and totally looks the part. He is compelling and his strong singing voice is superb and his diction is especially clear.”

“As the darkly dangerous antihero Macheath, Ableson positively dazzles in this role of a lifetime, revealing a sly sense of humor, smoldering sexuality, and some terrific pipes…Sensationally performed and designed.”

“Andrew Ableson is that very balance of soullessness and grimy good looks as Macheath.”

“Striking” “Sassy” “Delightful” “Sublime”


“Andrew Ableson brings a crooner’s skill to the most melodious of the evening’s tune “Madeleine”… later in the evening he is featured in a scene from “The Killer”. We witness Bèrenger so anguished by the senseless brutality of life, which Ableson embraces with a heart-breaking conviction.”

“L.A.’s finest triple-threat…Andrew Ableson dazzles in a pair of showcase solo pieces, revealing gorgeous pipes in the Brel-esque “Madeleine” and demonstrating powerhouse acting chops in the deeply disturbing monologue that climaxes Ionesco’s play “The Killer””

“Perfection…Andrew Ableson hits you hard with “The Killer””

“A personal favorite part of the show is Andrew Ableson, his voice is sublime, flawless.”

“Wonderful…A standout solo by Andrew Ableson”

“Monstrously talented…the vocal talent of Andrew Ableson will amaze you…Dazzling”

“Andrew Ableson’s dramatic skills score a knockout in “The Killer””

“Andrew Ableson’s “Madeleine” was the highlight of the evening”


“Andrew Ableson steals the show as Alan”

“Andrew Ableson as inscecurity personified, has the funniest lines throughout”

“Ableson projects warmth and humour…irresistible”


“The wonderful Andrew Ableson”

“The hilarious Andrew Ableson”

“Ableson is hilarious as a smarmily benevolant Jesus, and a petulant Hawking”

“A standout performance from Andrew Ableson…smart, funny and refreshing”

“The cast is flawless, especially Andrew Ableson who is priceless as Abdul”


“Ableson’s haunted Mark gives this remorseless play its chaotic, human core”

“All the performances are sharply defined, Ableson anchors the show with keen understated desperation”

“Ableson pulls off Mark’s conflict flawlessly, with earnestness and wit…startling veracity”

“Ableson is excellent as the troubled Mark, a sharply realised performance”

“Ableson is impressive, capturing Mark’s confusion and hunger. His terrified eyes speak volumes, even when Ravenhill’s text pauses”

“Andrew Ableson as Mark is especially strong”

“The remarkable Andrew Ableson gives a shattering performance as Mark and heads a mesmerizing and exemplary cast”

“Ableson is terrific as the self-involved, narcissistic Mark, setting high standards”

“The superb Andrew Ableson makes this the must-see production in town”

“A devastatingly convincing portrayal”


“Ableson is particularly delightful as the stuttering Tynan, the kind of performance for which award shows are created”

“Andrew Ableson cuts a perfectly sardonic, sneakily desperate figure as Tynan”

“Ableson acts as narrator in a performance rich with humor and pathos”


“A talented cast including Andrew Ableson, whose hilarious background facial reactions can make you miss entire plot twists”


“Andrew Ableson’s open-book facial expressions and consistently tuned-in-to-the-present performance provide enough reason to watch this British life versus art play”


“High marks go to Andrew Ableson in the show’s standout performance…earning laughter and sympathy”

“Andrew Ableson is brilliant and has superb comic timing, physical comedy and touching emotion together…perfect entertainment”


“Dan, wonderfully portrayed with haunting poignancy by Andrew Ableson”


“Ableson tackles his various characters with daffy gusto and versatility…downright hilarious!”


*In 1993, won Best Muscial Show at the International Edinburgh Festival

*In 2001, received 2 Backstage West “Garland” awards for “Shopping & Fucking”,

*In 2002, recieved 2 Backstage West “Garland” awards for “Orsons’ Shadow”

*Nominated by L.A. Drama Critics Circle for Lead Performance, “Orsons’ Shadow”

*Nominated by LA Weekly for Performance of the Year

*Honourable Mention, Laura Weinert @ Backstage West, Lead Performance of the Year

*In 2004 for “Emmy Nomination for “Joan of Arcadia”- Best TV Drama

*In 2007 won Best Musical Award for “The Beastly Bombing” from LA Weekly

*In 2011 won Emmy for Best Sports Commercial; “NFL Fox”